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In Page Analytics


If you need to know what people are doing on your website then you need to start looking at In-Page Analytics, you now can see the percent of users clicking on every link on your website.

If you are considering updating your website and need more information about user trends, area’s of your business people might be interested in, then this is for you.

Using your website to test and track the success of certain campaigns is a cost effective means to test larger print or integrated marketing campaigns. The web is a perfect medium to test marketing campaigns.

People Marketing can help you to get to know your website.

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How To Use Google Analytics to your Advantage


The new look Google Analytics comes with some great features that can help your business grow.

Have you ever wondered if your website is working?

Then you just need to start looking at your Google Analytics statistics to find the answer.

Some New Features Include

  • Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking
  • Customized Reporting
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Data Export
  • New Dashboards

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