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Adding Advertising Banners to Your Website


We had the task of adding an Advertising Banner management system to a new clients website, we came up with a solution that allows

Manage Advertisers – Create profiles for unlimited advertisers

Manage Campaigns – Have multiple campaigns on a single or multiple websites

Manage Banners – Create multiple banner for multiple advertisers.

Manage Adzones – ┬áHave multiple advertising zones on the website

Track statistics – Custom reporting

localization files – ┬áHave banners design around the location of the user.

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People Marketing are launching our new complete business marketing solution – Business in a Box. Sign up and receive new business marketing concepts. Marketing for restaurants, cafe’s, resorts and hotels and more

In Page Analytics


If you need to know what people are doing on your website then you need to start looking at In-Page Analytics, you now can see the percent of users clicking on every link on your website.

If you are considering updating your website and need more information about user trends, area’s of your business people might be interested in, then this is for you.

Using your website to test and track the success of certain campaigns is a cost effective means to test larger print or integrated marketing campaigns. The web is a perfect medium to test marketing campaigns.

People Marketing can help you to get to know your website.

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Your Design Corner – Website Construction for Designers


People Marketing have created a new area for designers that need to convert their artwork into HTML.

We will convert any artwork into HTML for your client, and since we have a great understanding of the importance of design and branding, we will ensure your design is not compromised.

Here is a sneak peak of our area:

This will be launched early 2012!