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Add Testimonials to your website

Need to add testimonials to your website the see People Marketings testimonial module. A client using our module

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Tips on how to market and promote your onlinestore/website


When developing your website and online identity it is important to remember who your customers are.

People Marketing are all about “PEOPLE”, so when you think about how you are going to market your online store, we believe personalisation is key.

When you walk into a department store, someone is there to greet you and ask if you need assistance.

Why not attempt to do this online with the use of pop ups and personalised messages in email marketing and other online sales and marketing tools?

Adding “To: <>” at the start of your email campaigns can make a huge difference to your open rates.

If you are not currently using email marketing to promote your website, then you should be.

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What our clients have to say….


Yesterday was a busy day, but our team still got the impossible done.

Our client Wine Growers Choice called yesterday and were given a spot in todays special deals with Star Deals in the Melbourne area.

We had to register a domain name, organise hosting, develop a logo, build a landing page to handle the voucher submissions and then we thought we would create them a mobile site as well, which allows people using iPhone, iPads to submit there details on a cool looking app.

All this was done in 7 hours from start to finish.

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What the client said…

“this type of turn around in our work is amazing, we have sold 20 cases in only 13 hours , which has only been possible because of the staff at People Marketing” You guys rock…….

Wine Growers Choice