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Adding Advertising Banners to Your Website


We had the task of adding an Advertising Banner management system to a new clients website, we came up with a solution that allows

Manage Advertisers – Create profiles for unlimited advertisers

Manage Campaigns – Have multiple campaigns on a single or multiple websites

Manage Banners – Create multiple banner for multiple advertisers.

Manage Adzones – ┬áHave multiple advertising zones on the website

Track statistics – Custom reporting

localization files – ┬áHave banners design around the location of the user.

What our clients have to say….


Yesterday was a busy day, but our team still got the impossible done.

Our client Wine Growers Choice called yesterday and were given a spot in todays special deals with Star Deals in the Melbourne area.

We had to register a domain name, organise hosting, develop a logo, build a landing page to handle the voucher submissions and then we thought we would create them a mobile site as well, which allows people using iPhone, iPads to submit there details on a cool looking app.

All this was done in 7 hours from start to finish.

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What the client said…

“this type of turn around in our work is amazing, we have sold 20 cases in only 13 hours , which has only been possible because of the staff at People Marketing” You guys rock…….

Wine Growers Choice

Happy Fathers Day

Happy fathers day to all the fathers out there.
This is what we are doing this morning, some rest and relaxation before the big week ahead.

Launching a new project and catching up with a few clients.